Writing Thank You’s – 6 Easy Foolproof Steps to the Perfect Thank You Note

Writing thank you to that special someone is easy. Just follow these six, foolproof steps and you will discover you are able to write thank you notes for any occasion.

Step One – Date and Salutation

Date the note at the top and write Dear Aunt Sally or Dear Elizabeth. Dear is the most common and traditional salutation. It is the most recommended.

Step Two – The First Thank You

Simply write the words, “Thank you for” and then insert the git or kindness that has warranted your gratitude. Writing “Thank you for …” lets the reader know right away that he or she is the focus of your gratitude and why.

Examples: Thank you for the lovely silver platter you gave us for our anniversary. Thank you for having us over for dinner.

If you are writing thank you for money, it is considered most polite to write, “Thank you for your generous gift.”

Step Three – Say Something Nice About the Gift, Favor or Act of Kindness

When writing thank you notes or cards, it is important to say something nice and make it as specific as possible to the situation. It does not have to be anything fancy, but it should let the recipient know something specific how his or her gift or favor was appreciated.

For example, if you received a gift such as a sweater, you might write, “The sweater fits perfectly.” Or if someone planned a surprise party in your honor, you might say, “The party was amazing and truly a surprise.”

A traditional line for gifts particularly wedding gifts is, “We will think of you every time we use it.”

If the gift was cash or money, you would write what you spent the money on or what you are saving it for.

Step Four – Compliment the Person

Simply write the words, “You are a” and fill in the compliment. It is even better, if you can tie the compliment into the gift or favor. For instance in the case of the sweater, you might write, “You have amazing taste.” Or if you are thanking someone for having you over to dinner, “You are a great cook,” or “You are an excellent hostess.”

If you are stuck you can always write, “You are a generous friend” or a variation in your own words.

Step Five – The Second Thank You

Keep it simple. Write the words, “Thanks again.” If you want to get fancy you could write, “Thank you once again.” Naturally, you can find other variations that suit your style, if you like, but you cannot go wrong with closing your note with, “Thanks again.”

Step Six – Sign It

When writing thank you to close family and loved ones, sign the letter, “Love” for all others nothing beats “Sincerely.”

Want to see the parts in action? Here is the letter for our sweater.

Dear Aunt Hilda,

Thank you for the lovely sweater you sent for my birthday. It fits perfectly. You always pick out the best clothes. I love it. Thanks again.



You will notice that each step can be done in a sentence or two. Feel free to reverse the order of steps three and four.

Writing thank you is best when written on a card, notelet or personal stationery by hand. Writing thank you is best when written on a card, notelet or personal stationery by hand.

Now that you have the basic formula for writing thank you, you will discover you will find creative ways to give each thank you note your own special touch.


Goals, Humility and Healing

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar

You are a strong successful powerful human Being. It’s true, you are. I don’t care what your outer circumstances or results in your life look like right now. You are a strong successful powerful human Being. It absolutely cannot be any other way.

The power, strength and success that you are, is the Power, Success, and Strength of Universal Intelligence, Infinite Love, and Eternal Supply.

There are three particular qualities regarding the Nature of Universal Life, Law and Love: It is Sufficient, Committed and Omnipresent. You, being created from Its core, absolutely cannot be outside of It.

There are two ways to play in life. One is simply being involved, the other is being committed. They are worlds apart.

The first is allowing your past beliefs and experiences to dictate your future. The later is stretching yourself to live beyond them; to leave behind the world of fixed past agreements and align with the Universal Stuff that is pulsating with creative Life committed and ready to serve and mold your new agreements, goals and commitments into physical reality.

In every moment you choose which way you are going to play; either involved or evolved.

A friend recently reminded me of Werner Erhardt’s definition of humility: surrendering the arrogance of thinking there is nothing we do not know, the knowing of which can transform your life.

At some point in life it becomes important to commit to goals that are aligned with our sacred soul commitments. However any goal that moves you towards a better life and away from suffering is a goal worth pursuing.

These goals should be inviting and inspiring. Inviting because they entice strong interest, and inspiring because they influence stimulate and motivate us.

When we commit to our goals we align ourselves with the commitment of the Laws of Universal Supply; in doing so we become not only the potential of the goal, but also its fulfillment.

Many people do not commit to goals that stretch them because we so easily cave to and become involved with resistances, automatically and recklessly empowering the negative beliefs and self-images that get triggered.

Many of us do not know, or forget that there is a potent and healing response to these persistent negative beliefs, the ignorance of which fosters a lack of commitment and therefore a block to deep healing: Humility, which is both surrendering and receptive, is symbiotic with self-forgiveness and the opening to new levels of accomplishment.

Allowing past beliefs and experiences to dictate your life and actions is indoctrination and submission, not humility.

I agree with Stephen Covey; “Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them.”

Many people struggle with choosing goals and become complacent because they have closed up inside from past experiences. If this is happening to you it is most probable that a persistent false belief or identity is running you and you keep agreeing that it is more powerful than you.

It is paramount that you open up again and commit to goals that matter to you and stretch you. Inner healing and forward movement depends on it. And here, humility becomes our greatest ally.

When we make goals that matter any past stuck stagnant energy in the form of beliefs and negative self images get stimulated, brought into our awareness and given the opportunity to be released. This is the healing purpose of goal setting. Everything we do here on this planet is for the purpose of healing, experiencing reunion with our true Self, and extending Love.

Humility is a courageous and very powerful present time action. It means no longer agreeing with the past and the arrogance of thinking that you absolutely know what the next moment will bring. It means you stop agreeing with the negative self debilitating thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are emerging from the past and being projected into a brick wall between you and others, between you and the actualization of your goals, and between you and what your sacred soul needs and wants.

Humility is being open to a possibility beyond the ego mind’s need to be right. It means belonging to Universal Love again and not to your minds frightening debilitating dead past agreements.

It is Union with Universal Lifeforce, not separation. It is being absolutely open to the flow of vital Life Energy, Prana, and Chi; instead of being closed, stuck, complaining, and suppressive.

Most importantly it is both invitation and response to an ever present inner call to wake up again right now, and in so doing become a space of healing.

When we are willing to employ humility and give up the need to be right and the need to know, we free ourselves from the suffering of stagnant vibrations of past beliefs. We become receptive to and therefore conduits of vibrations inherent in the nature of our higher and more intelligent consciousness. This space of receptivity is the space of miracles in our lives.

Everyone has a past full of beliefs and experiences. Everyone; you, me and everyone else, is doing the best they can. Hindsight is a luxury. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is hurting about something. Everyone wishes that they had been more loving, kinder, and more generous with forgiveness towards themselves and others. Everyone has fears. Everyone has moments of wanting validation. And ultimately at the very core of each of us, in the sacredness of our soul, everyone wants everyone else to be at peace, be loved, be taken care of, be happy, and to belong.

Free yourself and others up today. Commit to your goals and heal the past negative beliefs, judgments and self-images that emerge about yourself, your abilities, and others.

Align with your Universal Birthright and your Eternal Inheritance: Universal Life, Love and Law. It is Committed, Sufficient, Generous and because of It so are you. Use Its Love to heal, grow and enrich your life.


Jennifer Aniston – Numerology – Astrology – Background

A lot of the people I pick to do numerology articles for seem to have the life path number 29/11: Kate Moss, Prince William, Tony Blair, and now Jennifer Aniston. Maybe I am attracted to this type of person. They have the same numerology as my Dad, is one possible explanation. I am a ‘1’ life path, so you could say their’s is two lots of mine! Maybe it’s their traits I am attracted to. 29/11s are master builders and are often psychic, with their minds on higher goals. They have a large attractive energy field. They also have a kind of refined calmness/tranquility about them, which I don’t have but I like.

Mind you, they’re not all the same by any means. They will, of course, have different astrologies: Kate Moss is a Capricorn (creative, sensitive and patient; shy when they meet people), Prince William a Gemini, right on the cusp (generous, affectionate, impulsive, youthful, enigmatic, prone to changing their minds), and Tony Blair a Taurean (straightforward, with a dislike of change, the most loyal and reliable sign of the zodiac), and now Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarian (original, inventive and smart, incredibly friendly; they are the know-alls of the zodiac). Their astrology will therefore generate some quite different personalities.

The other group of personalities I pick (numerologically) are 25/7’s: Princess Di (Cancer: softies under the shell, sometimes secretive, but with a great sense of humor), Sai Baba (Sagittarius:generous and friendly, they are so open that the world often knows what they are up to; good sense of intuition), and Uri Geller (also Sagittarius). As a 25/7, they’re minds tend to be on gaining higher knowledge, covering things like spirituality and searching for deeper truths, which I too am interested in, so maybe that’s why I pick them.

Without further ado: Numerology – Jennifer Aniston – 11th February 1969


– -6 – 99

2 – – – –

111 – –

Life path 2. She has one line of weakness: The Line of the Skeptic, and no lines of strength.

Like Kate Moss, she has three 1’s in her chart, which gives her a kind of masculine, lithe, energy. Twos are diligent workers who excel in areas where attention to detail is required, and are always polite and courteous. They prefer to have a partner to share their lives with, usually a more assertive mate. Life Path 2’s can be the victims of unjustified gossip and rumor

Like Prince William she has the Line of the Skeptic. This line can indicate anything from total skepticism of anything metaphysical through to an enlightened, open-minded approach to the mysteries of existence.

While 29/11s have a sentimental side, they tend to focus their creative energies in their mind, which inhibits their emotional expression. They repress or intellectualize their feelings. This may affect their relationships. Most 29/11s appreciate many friends and contacts and so need someone to be there for them as a source of support but they often get caught in the double bind of seeking relationship while simultaneously trying to assert their independent nature; 29/11s march to a different drummer.

They tend to be attractive, with a large, stimulating energy field. When their creative juices get flowing into work or projects, they may be too busy to have much time for relationships. Their combination of loyalty, insecurity and an independent streak makes for complex relationships. Overall, the emotional and sexual life of 29/11s reflect how much balance they have created in the rest of their lives.

For 29/11s, as their energy flows, so flows their abundance; for many, money is just a way of keeping tabs on how their energy is flowing. In some cases, however, the accumulation of money can become a kind of competitive game or a way to gain other’s respect and approval – a strong motivation for these individuals.

She was also born on the 11th, which enhances the above effects.

Jennifer’s Astrology

Aquarius is an ‘Air’ sign and traditionally associated with humanity and the welfare of others. It’s often true that an Aquarian’s concerns with the world’s populace can leave those closer to them feeling left out.

In Love, the Aquarian attitude to love and relationships is slightly more complex. They are perfectly capable of loving and their feelings are very genuine. They just have difficulty in explaining how they feel most of the time.

Although inventive as lovers, the volatile emotional moods and crises of people with the water and earth signs leave the typical Aquarian mystified (incidentally, Brad Pitt is a fire sign – fire and air stimulate each other); their first reaction is always to think matters through and then explain themselves rationally. Aquarians are often embarrassed by effusive displays of emotion.

They tend to act more as their partner’s best friend, looking for someone who will share in their diverse interests and allow them at least the mental space and freedom they need. Dating an Aquarian will usually be fun – although don’t be surprised if they are terrible timekeepers.

At Work, they dislike being tied to a routine and may do well working outside in the fields of nature conservancy or in the community working for the benefit of their fellow man in some way. They shine in any career that offers them the scope to apply their ideals and utilize their unusual talents. They need to have a degree of autonomy in their working day, and the responsibility to make decisions without having to constantly defer to a superior.

Aquarians have a gift of being at ease with their colleagues and are often active members of societies and clubs in their spare time. He or she is brimming with outrageous ideas and so many friends you could line them up one by one from one end of town to the other and still need more spaces in the queue.

Quintessentially cool, these individuals may even be termed ‘indifferent’. They don’t seem to care in the same way others do. They appear to stand on the outside looking in and see the big picture and how to fix it. Everyone likes the Aquarian, because having them around is an adventure and the Aquarian likes everyone, but no one in particular.

Jennifer’s Background – Interview when with Brad

From an interview when she was with Brad: Although it boasts a breathtaking view of Los Angeles that sweeps all the way down to the pacific Ocean, the two-bedroom house is relatively modest – certainly far less grand than you would expect for one of Hollywood’s most glamorous (and highly paid) couples. The child of divorced parents, Aniston had found wedlock to be foreign terrain. Having watched her mother struggle after giving up her career and then being dumped by her husband, leaving her in perilous financial straits, Jennifer was sure of only one thing: “I just knew I wanted it to be based in love – not money, not security,” she says firmly. “Just finding somebody who was your best friend, who you could grow with and enjoy the passage of time – and that’s what I found. We said, “This is going to be a grand experiment. We expose ourselves completely” – and that’s what we did. I felt, in the first five months, that we knew each other better than either of us had ever been known before. We said to each other, “We’ll just do the best we can, and be as honest with each other as we can.” And that can be so painful, but we have to be. The only reason people should be together is to grow and to learn and to keep discovering and become better humans. And then – god forbid you fall short of those dreams, and you’re a failure.

Her father, veteran soap actor, John Aniston, had left her mother when Jennifer was nine, and for years thereafter she saw very little of him. More recently, Jennifer became estranged from her mother – she was devastated when Nancy Aniston tried to cash in on her daughter’s fame with an appallingly self-serving book called From Mother and Daughter to Friends. Although Jennifer did not invite her mother to her wedding, she feels enormous grief about the gulf between them. Aniston was so agitated after the wedding that she even chopped off her famous hair, which had launched a national craze when Friends became a hit. “I hate it!” she says fiercely. “I did it mainly to relieve me of the bondage of self. It was the right time to do it – shed the skin – but I couldn’t hate it more. It’s just not me. I hide behind my hair; it’s my shield. I’m taking every horse vitamin there is to make it grow faster – blue-green algae, you name it.” Her post-wedding crisis was aggravated by the groom’s absence while Pitt spent three months on location in Budapest and Morocco. “I think I’m just starting to feel I can stop apologizing – to myself, to my family, to my friends, to the world – and live in my body and be O.K. with that,” Aniston says in a low voice. There’s also the thing about privacy: What do we have to hide? What do we have to be ashamed of? The bottom line is, I don’t want to live that way. It takes too much energy. Who cares? There are certain things that are ours, that are private, and then there are certain things that – why not share?

Pitt’s one-bedroom house, which is nestled into a hillside a half-hour’s drive away, is even less suitable for their combined households than hers. He gutted and redesigned a former greenhouse in rough hewn stone and glass and wood, adding sleek high-tech fixtures such as gleaming stainless-steel toilets.

“I don’t feel like a role model – god, no, I’m a mess!” she exclaims. “I mean, I’m not a mess, but we’re all just trying to figure it out, to do the best we can.” “I feel, half the time, like I am one of these teenage girls,” she says sheepishly. “Feeling stupid, feeling good not enough, feeling inadequate, asking, ‘What am I doing?’ – it doesn’t go away. Coming from a divorced family, being pissed off, being overweight…” I wasn’t empowered as a kid; I wasn’t encouraged. I was somehow filled with fear and doubt and insecurities. Being a celebrity now, if you can talk to one person and let them know it’s all bullshit, just be happy with who you are.” Both Aniston and her husband make a real effort to demystify their celebrity, according to friends. They both are committed to retaining who they are as individuals, and to doing everything they can to fight against the current of what everyone wants them to do,” says Kristin Hahn, a writer and documentary filmmaker who has been a close friend of Jennifer’s since she arrived in Los Angeles a dozen years ago. “I think every celebrity is asked to be larger than life – beyond human. You have to be perfect in all sorts of ways.”

The beauty magazines particularly are there to feed on women’s low self-esteem. The truth is we’re all the same; there’s nothing greater about celebrities. It’s just a job. The media create this wonderful illusion – but the amount of airbrushing that goes into these beauty magazines, the hours of hair and make-up! It’s impossible to live up to, because it’s not real. But it’s a big job, extinguishing the shame we all have.”

And Aniston knows how unforgiving the scrutiny can be. “They’ll make fun of you if you’re too fat and then tear you down if you’re too thin,” she says. “You just can’t win. I am so thankful for this life, and – not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I don’t feel beautiful all the time. The majority of the time I don’t.

Bitterness creeps into her voice as she mimics her mother’s unwittingly devastating coaching: “Your mother is going, ‘Your eyes are too close together, so when you put your eyeliner on you have to draw the lines up here, like this, because your eyes are already too small, and your face is too wide, and see, honey, you have your father’s mouth, so you’re going to have to draw lines around it…’ I don’t know if I would have known how beautiful she was if she wasn’t always pointing out how un-beautiful I was.”

“Getting the success – you feel, Why me? I went through a period of guilt about my family: ‘Why are they struggling, and why did it work for me? I don’t deserve this! When are they going to find me out and call me on my bluff?’ And yet all that kid stuff had given me a career. I’ve channeled it into something positive – being able to make people laugh.”


Wise Words and Lessons From a Wise Man

Here is blatant hypocrisy, deception and carnal corruption. Have business ethics every been so raw and rancid as in this true scenario?

Having seen such a beautiful picture of a young pure powerful Church of Jesus Christ, suddenly the pendulum swings, and this is something we see often in The Bible. It is something we experience in everyday life too. Have you ever noticed that? Everything appears to be going so well and quite suddenly surprise confronts us.

The scene changes, in Acts Chapter 5, in the New Testament, where we read of another aspect of church life which is just as real.

We read of a husband and wife – Ananias and Sapphira. They sold a piece of property. Let’s say, just to get the feel of what was happening, that they got £200,000 for it. They talked it over, and deciding to bring £150,000 and present it to the leadership in The Church, but giving the impression they were offering the entire amount.

Have you ever been tempted to allow people to think you are giving and donating more than you really are? It may present a good impression for a brief moment, but you are kidding no-one.

One of the leaders, Peter, challenges Ananias when he comes with what might be regarded as a substantial offering, “Why are you lying to the Holy Spirit? Why?

“You were free to handle the money, weren’t you? Why have you behaved in this way? Whatever made you think of doing such a thing? You have not lied to men – but to God.”

Ananias dropped down dead. A great reverential fear came upon all who heard what had happened.
Sometimes it can be good to get a real fright. Sometimes it is good to be filled with a healthy fear.

Might this article make you give serious thought to your giving and donating – or perhaps to some other area in your business life?

About three hours later, his wife came into the Jerusalem Fellowship, not knowing what had happened. Peter asks Sapphira some questions. “Tell me, is this the price you got for the property you sold? Was it £150,000?” “YES, that’s right. That’s what we got.”

Is Peter giving her the opportunity to confess her sins, repent, sort things out and put right what was very wrong? There is no sense of Repentance or Confession, and she too dies.

If there was one thing, God was not going to permit in the Church at this time it was hypocrisy. If this had gone unchecked, it could have wrecked and ruined that young Church.

Hypocrisy wrecks The Church of Jesus Christ quickly, and where money is involved hypocrisy and deception can become dangerous.

Many years ago when I was travelling through Germany on a train a very wise man told me, as we discussed spiritual matters and money – “Never touch the gold or the glory.”

If God gives you money give away the surplus. If God uses you in any way, pass all the praise and glory on to Him – never bathe in any of it yourself. What precious advice.

I had been ministering at four Conferences and Preaching Engagements, and each group had given me travelling expenses and gifts of money – and to me, as a youngish preacher and teacher, all this had become a very real question and conundrum. I am so glad it did not become a problem. This wise man provided me with a wise answer, and I am glad I had the guts to put it into practice.

Their sin was that they wanted to be thought of as being as generous as Barnabas, who had given in a generous substantial manner, without paying the cost. There is a COST in PENTECOST.

Jesus Christ was so tender with adulteresses, but blasted hypocrites.

The signs and wonders continued in that young church, but the crowds of people joining evaporated and disappeared. People still came to faith in Jesus Christ, but it was a slightly different situation now.

There are ethical and moral principles here from which every business man could learn. These lessons could rescue a man from years of heartache and pain.